There are walks of different lengths, with scenic views, on Cooleman Ridge. Please observe the laws about having your dogs on leads. For more information on this matter, visit these sites (links may change before we can update this page):
Keeping Dogs in the ACT and http://www.tams.act.gov.au/live/pets.

Our brochure on the Cooleman Ridge Nature Trail has information about the track and the interesting features of the reserve including the woodland, the wildlife and the history of the area.

Also on this site we have a simple map of Cooleman Ridge, showing its location in relation to the surrounding suburbs.

Links to related sites

NB: Links may change before we can update this page.

The Department of Environment and Conservation has launched http://www.threatenedspecies.environment.nsw.gov.au/. This new website provides detailed information, maps and photos of more than 900 of the state's most vulnerable native plants and animals.

The Plant Information Network System of the Botanic Gardens Trust. Hosts and links to botanical sites. Quote from their web page: "PlantNET can be searched for information on New South Wales plant names, their distribution and conservation status."

Flora Online - as above.

Red Hill Regenerators

Australian National Botanic Gardens/environmental weeds

ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services - Cooleman Ridge Nature Reserve